Our most popular tour!


We will start from Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (2,305m/7,560ft) on the Yoshida Route.
Accommodation is Taishikan hut (3,100m/10170ft) at 8th station of the Yoshida route, where is a spacious mountain lodge in Mt. Fuji.

After the sunrise, climbing route is quiet. After reaching the summit, we will take a rest at the hut. If the weather and your physical condition are good, we will go around the crater and try to Kengamine peak where the highest point on Mt. Fuji.


  • A private tour — the pace can be customized to match your fitness level and preferences.
  • We will see the sunrise around 8th station, where is lower than the summit. We can avoid the crowds and enjoy the sunrise at leisure. The lower the altitude, the more likely it is to be clear.
  • We will reach the summit after the sunrise. We can climb comfortably without getting stuck in crowds. Usually the crowding happens at lower the summit before sunrise.
  • After the summit, we will take a break at an hut without crowds on the summit.
  • If you wish, we can watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain.


Tour periodJuly to 1st week of September. Please check availability in Schedule.
Number of days2 days
Meeting time & place12:00 Red tori gate beside of “FUJISAN MIHARASHI” in Fuji Subaru line 5th Station
Dismissing time & place14:00 Fuji Subaru line 5th Station
Time schedule Day 1
12:00 Meet at Mt. Fuji Subaru line 5th Station(2,305m/7,560ft).
13:00 Start hiking.
16:00 Reach Taishikan Hut at 8th station(3,100m/10170ft).
17:00 Dinner and short sleep.

Day 2
02:00 Wake up & depart from the hut.
04:30 Watch the sunrise around original 8th station (3,400m/11,150ft).
07:00 Arrive at top of Yoshida route (3,715m/12,190ft) and take a break in hut.
08:00 Walk around the crater.
09:00 Reach Kengamine peak (3,776m/12,390ft).
10:00 Go back to top of Yoshida route and descending.
14:00 Arrive at at Mt. Fuji Subaru line 5th Station.


  • There is no ATM at the fifth station. Please bring at least 20,000 JPY in cash for the following expenses:
    – accommodation (approx. 10,000 JPY)
    – Meals, use of restrooms on Mt. Fuji, etc. (approx. 10,000 JPY)
  • The schedule is may change due to physical condition, weather, and crowded conditions.
  • The guide may not go around the crater depending on the weather conditions at the time of the summit and your physical condition.
  • In early July, we may not be able to go around the crater depending on the condition of the remaining snow on the trail.
  • If you are feel not so good, we will ask you to rest at the lodge where you stayed or at another lodge. If you need to rest at a lodge other than the one you stayed at, you may be asked to pay a resting fee of 3,000 to 5,000 JPY.
  • The post office at the summit is open from mid-July to mid-August. The detailed schedule will be decided at the last minute.

Price of Surise Tour in 2023 season


Upper row : Number of group.
Bottom row : Prices. They are in Japanese yen per person and include tax.
We also accept groups of 11 or more people.
The accommodation fee for the lodge is required separately from the guide fee.

Hut fee in 2023 season

Taishikan hut (with 2 meals, per person, tax include)
Sunday to Thursday : 12,000 JPY
Friday : 13,000 JPY
Saturday : 14,000 JPY
Please pay the accommodation fee directly to the lodge on the day (cash only, no credit cards).
Reservations of hut can be made with us.