Name:ruby au yeung
We found FYG from a Hong Kong travel magazine and they have been very helpful during the whole reservation process. As a group of girls who seldom go hiking, Shoji has taken good care of us. He's not only our tour guide but also a very nice travel companion. We couldnt complete the trip without him. We are really looking forward to join his backcountry snowboarding trip in future.

Name:Nila Myint
Thank you very much for your nice tour in Mt. Fuji. Without your guiding for sure we can't make it to the top! We have a lot of great first time experiences on the hiking in the rain, carrying the heavy back pack, drying our clothes in the machine room, having Mt. Fuji cake on Mt. Fuji on my birthday, seeing beautiful sun raise on the top of Mt. Fuji, descending the deadly slop...etc...and these wonderful memories won't be completed without you.

Name:Allison Yeung
Thanks for the tour and taking care all of us, we had lots of fun w/ you. you are the best and nicest tour guide i have ever met.

Name:Kathleen Li
It is an unforgettable and wonderful trip. Without you, we cannot make it absolutely. Thank you very much for your help & hospitality.

Name:Yeung Ernest
Thanks for your tour and hospitality, although it was tough, all of us had a really good time and unforgettable experience. , and we could have been dead without you!

We called Yuske for information about climbing the Fuji san in mid May and with the question whether he could be our guide on a short notice.
Within 24 hours he helped us climb the Fuji san. I recommend Yuske and Shoji, as they have a lot of experience, good climbing skills and lastly they have equipment I did not see previously climbing the Elbrus (5642 m) and Damavand (5610 m). Finally, they speak excellent English.

Name:Kevin & Teresa
Thank you for a very wonderful Mt. Fuji experience. We wouldn't have made it to the summit without your guidance.
The pace was perfect, and your expert experience/knowledge of Mt. Fuji really showed :)