Q.How long is the hiking season in Mt.Fuji?
A.The"official" hiking season is from July 1st to middle of September. Most of the facility in the mountain like Huts, toilets, information will be closed before and after the official season.

Q.Do you guide in winter?
A.Sorry but we do not. we currently guide in Canada form Dec to the end of April.
It is not impossible but it's too difficult to catch the right condition to climb Mt.Fuji in winter.
You have to be really experienced and patience.
Climbers who have succeeded usually waited for a week to 10days to catch the condition.
We provide off season guiding from April to June.
Usually weather is more stable in Apilr to May and you can still enjoy snow climbing and the mountain no one is.

Q.How do I pay?
A.After you book online, we will send an e-mail through PAYPAL>
PAYPAL is a reputable service that is very secure and easy to use. You’ll receive a mail from FYG that will connect you to the Paypal sight and walk you through the process. You don’t have to register with Paypal to make a payment.

Q.Is there a cancellation charge?
A.Yes. Please see below.
Cancellation Policy
An administrative fee of 2,500 yen applies to all cancellations, as well as the charges for the remittances.
3 - 9 days prior 50%
2 days prior 80%
24hrs prior to same day 100%

Q.Can I use a credit card in FUJI?
A.No. All the huts in the mountain do not accept credit cards. Make sure you withdraw enough amount of cash before you get on the bus from Shinjyuku Station.
There is NO ATM in 5th station too.

Q.How do I reserve the mountain hut.
A.We arrange accommodations only if your who are attending our tour.
Sorry but we do NOT arrange only accommodations.

Q.What equipment is needed for Mt.Fuji hiking.
A.Please see this link.
Although Japan has good weather forecasting system the weather in FUji is predicted less than 50%. Please be prepared for high mountain enviroment like unexpected thunder storm, rain downpours, hail showers and strong gusts.

Q.Do you have tour in the off season?
A.No. We have tour between July 1st and middle of September.

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