25-35 Liters simple backpack which can stuff everything below is recommended.
Hip-belt provide support and reduce stress on your shoulder.
Rain Jacket, Pants & Rain gaiters [Rentals Available. 2,000yen for 2days / 3,000yen for 3 days]
Remember you will climb high alpine peak in subtropical climate zone.
The weather can change rapidly without warming.
You will need good water and wind resistant like Gore-tex jacket with hood.
Pants are absolutely must-have item.
There is no drying room at the lodge.
There are variable weather condition and terrain situation, dirt area, rocky area etc .
Waterproof ankle supporting shoes would resist small rocks coming into shoes and keep them comfortable.

Sneakers are not recommended.
Head lamp [Rentals Available. 500yen for 2days / 1,000yen for 3days]
For climbing in the dark and going to washroom at night.
Warm clothe
Average daytime temperature at the summit in August is around 6 deg C, [42.8 deg F], around 0 deg C, [32 deg F.] at night time.
You need to have lightweight synthetic jacket or fleece.
Water bottle
You can buy water in the mountain but price are little bit inflated.
you will need 2-3liter of water for 2days of climbing. We recommend to have 0.5~1 liter. When you drink them all, you can refill bottle.
Money is lighter than water.

About 5000JPY. No credit card can be used in the mountain.

Gloves keep the hands warm in the night time and provide protection for scrambling.
Pack Cover [Rentals Available. 500yen for 2days / 1,000yen for 3days]
Most backpacks are not waterproof.
Trekking Poles [Rentals Available. 1,000yen for 2days / 2,000yen for 3days]
Trekking poles provide good stability and reduces
stress on the knees and back, especially when descending.
Wooden poles that you can buy at 5th station for the stamp are good for souvenir, but they are not good for climbing.
Helmet [Rentals Available. 1,000yen for 2days / 2,000yen for 3days]
Socks & Base layer
Socks and base layer which are made by either wool or syntathetic are preferred, avoid to wear any cotton products.
A warm hat or cap
To prevent sun tan and sun stroke. Also at night most of the heat escapes through the head.
Protect from strong sunshine and dust.

Protect your skin.

You can buy at the hut. It is good idea to prepare for snoring.
You can buy some kinds of snacks in the mountain.

Fill out the blank, number and size of the equipment, when you fill the booking form.
You can pick up your rental equipment when you arrive at 5th station.

Price for Rain wear includes jacket and pants, rain gaters.
We can not rent only a jacket or only pants.
No larger size than XL, Please check size chart below and make sure you will fit our rental equipment before you apply.

Rental Size

cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches
1:Height 145-155 4'9" - 5'1" 155-165 5'1" - 5'5" 165-175 5'5" - 5'9" 175-185 5'9" - 6'1"
2:Chest 72-80 28-31 86-94 34-37 90-95 35-37 101-107 40-42
3:Waist 57-63 22-25 68-76 27-30 76-81 30-32 84-87 33-34
4:Hip 80-88 31-35 90-98 35-39 100-108 39-43 112-120 44-47
5:Inseam 65-70 26-28 71-76 28-30 74-79 29-31 80-85 31-33

1:Height Height
2:Chest Mesure the fullest part of the bust
3:Waist Mesure around your waist where you normally wear trousers
4:Hip Mesure the fullest part of the waist
5:Inseam Mesure from crotch to the bottom of leg along the seam

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